Talent Management

Wilmar recognises every employee as a highly valued member who is vital to the growth and progress of the company. We are committed to investing in our people.

We are constantly on the lookout for promising and talented employees at all levels with the potential to be Wilmar’s future leaders. Strong performers are given opportunities to lead major projects, and mentored by top management personally.

Career development opportunities include both short- and long-term assignments across various business units in different geographical locations. Employees will leverage upon a commercial platform with exposure to a wide range of information to train them for international business.

Training & Development

We strive to provide all employees with fulfilling career and personal development opportunities through training and development.

Trainee Executives 
We seek fresh graduates from reputable universities worldwide to join us. Upon joining Wilmar, our trainees undergo a comprehensive in-house training programme  to give them a good overview of  the various businesses. We emphasise hands-on experience and based on individual interest and capability, encourage trainees to work in various departments and potentially on specific projects locally or overseas. The HR team, their assigned mentors and their Department heads will help develop each trainee’s unique path based on their interest, capability and potential for leadership positions. 

Experienced Professionals
Continuous training is provided to all levels of employees to ensure they continue to perform their jobs effectively and progress in their careers. Training, both on-the-job and formal learning, job rotations, overseas assignments and mentoring form the work-and-learn experience in Wilmar.

All staff are given equal opportunities to receive relevant training based on their training needs in accordance to four complementary aspects:

HR 4 quadrants

Succession Planning

To support the growth of our business, we constantly look out for strong performers to be groomed into future leaders of Wilmar. Potential leaders receive attention from our senior management and are given stretch assignments to prepare them for challenging roles within the Group. To ensure that there is a ready pool of talents in the pipeline to take on leadership positions, the Group continues to seek talented individuals through scholarships and partnerships with universities both in Singapore and globally. At the same time, the Group participates innovatively in recruitment fairs such as conducting on-site tasting of soy milk and rice noodles to evoke interest in its products.