Commercial Functions


The Trading Department manages a global portfolio of palm and laurics oils, oilseeds and grains, specialty fats and oleochemicals. They implement the macro trading strategies set by the Trading Head and assist in analysing the commodity market by inputting the physical knowledge they obtained from the destinations they service. They are entrusted to develop good relationships with customers and inter company within the Group. They require hands-on management of physical trade flow, sensitivity to customer requirements and a good understanding of risks.

Trade Support / Operations

The Trade Support team is responsible for verifying and recording all trades in a timely manner. They organise logistics information for the traders and the Operations team to make informed trading and planning decisions.

The Operations team carries out all post-trade contract activities from planning to payment collection. This involves the preparation of shipping documents and coordinating with the suppliers, buyers, shipbrokers, ship owners and agents, surveyors, and insurance companies to ensure smooth loading and delivery.

Logistics / Planning

The Planning team is responsible for coordinating Group-wide factory production and shipment planning. The Department ensures the optimisation of the factories as well as the efficient movement of cargoes.

The Ship Operations team is responsible for coordinating shipping activities which include the loading, shipping and discharging of cargo. The Department examines and addresses all shipping issues that occur during the voyage. They are also responsible for the operations of the ships such as cargo stowage, equipment management and supplies maintenance.

The Chartering team, together with the Planning Department, is responsible for ensuring the efficient deployment and utilisation of all in-house and third party vessels.

Projects / Engineering

The Projects/Engineering Department is involved in different project locations, which include Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Europe and Africa. They handle process design and understand the requirements in operations, production, warehousing, logistic and management at refineries, extraction plants and flour and rice mills. They apply new technology to automate and maintain the plants. The team provides technical support on process equipment maintenance and machine parts replacement. The team also works with consultants and process suppliers on the facility layout, equipment and process technology selection, building, testing and commissioning of the new plant.

Finance & Corporate Services


The Finance Department is responsible for monitoring overall financing and cash management activities to ensure the effective management of the cash flow strategy and plan of the Group. The Department handles the banking relationships of the Group, and reviews monthly internal and external reports for management decision making.


The Accounts Department implements Group accounting policies and procedures and provides guidance to overseas subsidiaries regarding the reporting requirements and accounting standards of the Group. The Department consists of the following teams: Financial Reporting, Financial Analysis and Management Accounting, Projects and Group Tax.

The Financial Reporting team is mainly focused on compliance and regulatory reporting. The team ensures that the Group complies with International Financial Reporting Standards, Singapore Exchange listing rules and other regulatory requirements. The Financial Reporting team prepares the consolidated statements of the Group, as well as the financial statements of our subsidiaries.

The Financial Analysis and Management Accounting team focuses on analysis and reporting for management decision making purposes. This includes the review and analysis of sales, production, volume, price and profitability trends as well as that of cash flow and balance sheet movement analysis.

The Projects team carries out mergers, acquisitions and restructuring work, including new systems implementation and capital expenditure review.

Group Tax is involved in regulatory tax compliance filing and tax planning. They also provide guidance to subsidiaries on various tax issues.


The Administration Department handles all general office administration, which includes being responsible for front-desk reception, despatch deliveries, staff travelling arrangements, and the maintenance of office stationery, premise equipment and furniture and phone systems.


The Contracts Department is responsible for the administration of all sales and purchase contracts to ensure that all terms and conditions comply with the policies of the Company and are in the best interests of the Group.

Corporate Communications

The Corporate Communications Department is responsible for communicating the key messages of the Group to the media and internal staff. The Department acts as the primary media contact for the Group. In addition, it develops and manages various communications materials such as the corporate website, annual reports and corporate branding.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is responsible for formulating and developing HR policies and procedures which are aligned with the objectives and core values of the Group. Besides managing local staff and expatriates, HR also works in close coordination with all overseas HR counterparts within the Group to ensure the standardisation of HR policies. The key HR functions include recruitment, selection and on-boarding, compensation, welfare and benefits, training, career development and performance management, succession planning, and exit management.

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Department plans and conducts operational, financial, and compliance audits to evaluate the effectiveness of internal controls. Due diligence or special audits may be carried out when necessary. The Department determines compliance with policies, procedures, and regulations. It also makes recommendations to senior management to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of internal controls. Internal Audit assesses the risks of the Group, recommends the audit plan to the Audit Committee, and executes the audit plan.

Information Technology

Wilmar Consultancy Services (WCS) was established in 2009 to provide business information technology solutions to the Group and external customers worldwide. WCS is a global business solutions company providing services in three main service categories – IT Products and Solutions, Business Process Outsourcing, and Human Capital Services. For more information, please visit

Investor Relations

The Investor Relations Department provides an effective two-way communication between the Group and the investment community. The Department serves as the primary point of contact to advise and update shareholders, fund managers and analysts on the strategies and developments of the Group. The Investor Relations Department also develops and manages public disclosures, statutory announcements, press releases and corporate investor presentations to the investment community.

Legal and Corporate Secretarial
Risk Management

The Risk Management Department assists traders in monitoring the positions, risk limits, trade and credit limits and profit and loss reports for divisions in palm and laurics oils, specialty fats, consumer pack, oleochemicals, energy and other subsidiaries of the Group.


The Sustainability Department is responsible for driving the sustainability agenda of the Group, which includes ensuring that the Group conducts its business in a responsible manner that adheres to global standards and meets stakeholder expectations. Besides initiating and advancing the progress of various environmental and social projects, the team also engages in strategic partnerships to strengthen the sustainability practices of the Group.


The Treasury Department is responsible for the overall treasury strategy, exposure management and execution of treasury-related activities of the Group. These activities include foreign exchange and interest rate management, corporate finance and advisory services on capital structure, debt financing and derivative hedging advisory, cash pooling, and centralisation of foreign exchange hedging. These are managed in conjunction with the treasury units of the Group globally.