Wilmar Respects RSPO’s Decision on PT Permata Hijau Pasaman I

Wilmar Commits to Addressing Deforestation Challenge in Important Landscapes

Wilmar Reaffirms Commitment to Uphold Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

Wilmar’s Full Response to ABC Australia and RAN’s Allegations

Wilmar Seeks Collaboration for Labour Transformation in Palm Oil

HCS Convergence Process Concludes: Agreement on Unified Approach to Implementing No Deforestation Commitments

Innovative Smallholder Fresh Fruit Bunch Traceability System Improves Palm Oil Supply Chain Transparency

GAR and Wilmar Call for Closer Collaboration to Find Solutions to Indonesian Palm Oil Sector Labour Challenges

Wilmar Publishes Sustainability Report 2015 that Focuses on Driving Value

World’s Single Largest Independent Oil Palm Smallholder Group receives RSPO Certification (English)

World’s Single Largest Independent Oil Palm Smallholder Group receives RSPO Certification (Bahasa Indonesia)

Wilmar Welcomes Government of Indonesia’s Lead in Palm Oil Sector Transformation

Wilmar Reaffirms Commitment to Human Rights and Engages Proactively with Supplier to Address Supply Chain Issues

Wilmar’s Response on Issues in the Tesso Nilo Region

Fire-Free Alliance to Extend Fire Prevention to Broader Landscape

Wilmar Makes Significant Process in its No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation Agenda

Wilmar reaffirms No Burn policy and commitment to mitigate forest fires in Indonesia – Allegations of deliberate burning unfounded (Update)

Addressing Supply Chain Issues through Dialogue

Wilmar’s Efforts to Mitigate Forest Burning in Indonesia

Wilmar Categorically Refutes Allegations by Forest Peoples Programme

Wilmar Remains Undaunted by Detractors and Continues to Focus on Responsible Development in Nigeria

Wilmar Refutes Allegation of land grab in Uganda (Update)
 supported by Press Release from the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, Government of Uganda, Repudiating VODP-Bidco, Kalangala Land Grabbing Allegations

Wilmar Enhances Transparency and Reporting with Launch of Sustainability Dashboard

Response to Rainforest Action Network Report

Wilmar’s Plantation First to be RSPO-Certified in Ghana 

Clarification on Media’s Misreporting about Wilmar’s No Deforestation, No Peat & No Exploitation Policy

Wilmar to Supply Certified Sustainable Palm Oil to the USA

No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation Policy

Wilmar Affirms Commitment to Open, Transparent and Responsible Practices

Wilmar not involved in legal action against Robin Wood protesters

Response to Greenpeace Report

Response to Allegations of Deforestation and Wildlife Destruction

Clarification on issues in Tesso Nilo forest complex