The bulk of Wilmar’s fertiliser business and market is in Indonesia. We are one of the largest fertiliser players in Indonesia, with 1.2 million MT production capacity dedicated to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) compound fertilisers. We also engage in the trading and distribution of various straight fertilisers and agrochemicals, making us a one-stop supplier for agriculture inputs.

The fertiliser business has been geared towards the oil palm sector, in line with Wilmar’s core business. The remarkable growth in new planted acreages in the past decade has resulted in rising demand for fertilisers, thereby leading to the expansion of the fertiliser business unit. Customers for the fertiliser products are also our suppliers of fresh fruit bunches, crude palm oil and palm kernel, thus we have been able to tap this captive market and minimise credit risk.

Supported by extensive distribution channels and logistics networks built over the years, we have been able to maintain substantial market shares of NPK and potash in Indonesia. We are also the appointed distributor of Canadian potash, Peruvian rock phosphate and USA borate in Indonesia.

In the second half of 2015, we expanded our fertiliser operations into Malaysia through an acquisition. With its own NPK production line and logistics facility, our fertiliser business in Malaysia is well-positioned to develop and complement our existing operations particularly in the East Malaysia market. Our total installed capacity of NPK compound is 1.3 million MT per annum in Indonesia and Malaysia.

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