Research & Development

Wilmar’s research and development (R&D) activities aim to improve the quality and broaden the range of our product offerings and enhance operational efficiency while reducing energy consumption and minimising environmental impact. The R&D work is carried out by about 350 researchers in various international locations focusing on food technology, oleochemical research and oil palm productivity. By the end of 2016, we have been granted a total of 88 patents covering these different areas.

We established two Innovation Centres in Singapore where we collaborate with Institutes of Higher Learning.

Wilmar Innovation Centre 1 (WIC 1)

Located in Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory at National University of Singapore, WIC 1 was established in May 2015. It focuses on enzyme engineering to increase thermostability, robustness and efficacy as well as biotransformation in areas of taste peptide identification and microbiome of fermented food products.

Wilmar Innovation Centre 2 (WIC 2)

Located in Republic Polytechnic, Singapore, WIC 2 was set up in March 2016 and officially opened in August 2016. It focuses on future foods, food structure, food texture and food safety. The food and ingredient R&D that WIC 2 undertakes include chocolate, ice cream, sauces and condiments as well as bakery products.

WIC 2 seeks to provide innovative solutions in the development of functional foods with Health, Nutrition, Palatability and Safety values. It aims to develop next generation foods using Wilmar’s existing secondary products such as rice bran, okara (soy pulp), soy protein isolates by texture alteration and nutritional enhancement to increase their applicability in high-end novel foods.

R&D in China

Our R&D Centre in Shanghai focuses on next generation technology to elevate product quality and expand product diversity. The products include major food ingredients such as oil, proteins and starch as well as food products derived from these ingredients. The primary objective is to deliver to consumers safe and healthy foods without compromising their nutritional value. 

R&D in Indonesia

Our R&D Laboratory in Indonesia focuses on biotechnology research to enhance our competitiveness and sustainability in the oil palm industry. Beneficial microbes have been identified that can be used to control or prevent oil palm diseases, reduce the use of chemical fertilisers and improve plant health.