Research & Development

Wilmar’s research and development (R&D) activities aim to improve our manufacturing processes, develop new products and improve the quality and consistency of our existing products. Our R&D work is carried out by about 350 researchers in various locations worldwide. 

R&D in China

In China, our R&D centre in Shanghai focuses on developing new technologies and products in areas including cooking oil, specialty fats, proteins, cereals, condiments as well as functional foods.

R&D in Singapore

In Singapore, our R&D centres focus on the following areas:

• in-depth clinical studies of macronutrients in our products and ingredients in relation to the management of Type II diabetic conditions, obesity, heart health and sarcopenia in the elderly;

• development of high-throughput microbial platforms for the cost-effective production of valuable biochemical as well as specific and proprietary host strains that can produce engineered lipases with enhanced properties to meet industrial needs;

• and future foods, as well as food structure, texture and safety.

R&D in Indonesia

Our R&D Laboratory in Indonesia focuses on biotechnology research to enhance our competitiveness and sustainability in the oil palm industry.