Wilmar’s R&D work takes place in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Russia and Germany. Our R&D efforts aim to improve current processing technology and products, develop green and white biotechnology, and create new product concepts that support healthy living.

In China, the R&D focus is primarily on edible oils, specialty fats, food technology, oleochemicals, flavour chemistry, food ingredients and cereal processing.

In Indonesia, the R&D activities include research into agronomic traits of oil palm, cloning of key oil palm genes involved in fatty acid biosynthesis, environmentally friendly approaches to control or prevent oil palm diseases, bio fertilisers and the use of microbes to improve plant growth and for waste treatment.

Besides supporting Wilmar’s business and brands, our R&D efforts also focus on providing sustainable solutions to optimise resources, reduce energy consumption and minimise environmental impact. One such example is the rice milling operations in China where paddy husks, a major by-product of the milling process, are used to generate electricity. Similar developments have also been made on oil and sugar processing operations.