The milling of sugar produces raw sugar and also by-products such as molasses which is used as livestock feed additive and also to produce ethanol. Wilmar Sugar owns eight mills in Australia. As a result of the economies of scale and the prime location of the mills and farms, we are able to operate our sugar milling operations in a cost effective manner. In addition, our mills generate their own electricity by burning bagasse – the fibrous material leftover from crushed sugarcane. Excess electricity not required by the milling operations is sold to the local electricity grid. Wilmar BioEthanol is Australia’s largest producer of renewable energy from biomass.

Besides renewable electricity, Wilmar BioEthanol has been a supplier of industrial ethanol for over 100 years. From distilling molasses, another by-product from milling, renewable fuel in the form of bioethanol is produced. Wilmar Sugar also makes fertiliser and operates a small agency interest for chemicals, solvents and food ingredients.

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