The refining of sugar produces food-grade products such as white sugar, brown sugar, caster sugar and syrups. The sugar refining process involves the removal of impurities and colour from raw sugar and the further refinement of sugar crystals. We supply a broad range of industrial and consumer products which are distributed in both bulk and packaged forms.

Wilmar’s sugar refining operations are located in Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand.

Wilmar owns CSR and Chelsea – Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading brands in the sugar and sweetener market respectively.

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Refined sugar is produced from raw sugar and the Australian raw sugar industry is one of the largest in the world. Through a joint venture with Mackay Sugar, Wilmar holds a 75% stake in Sugar Australia which operates two refineries – one at Yarraville in Melbourne, Victoria and another in the Racecourse Mill in Mackay, Queensland. It is well-served by depot and/or port facilities in Mackay, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Read more about Yarraville Refinery and Racecourse Refinery.

Sugar Australia is the leading supplier of quality refined sugar products in Australia. It is the largest domestic customer of Australian raw sugar and the largest exporter of Australian refined sugar. It services both the industrial and consumer sugar segments and markets the CSR Sugar brand.

One of only three in the world, Sugar Australia operates a specialised food grade bulk refined sugar vessel, MV “Pioneer”. The vessel operates in a Bulk-In, Bulk-Out/Bag-Out (BIBO) manner where refined sugar is loaded into the ship as a Bulk-In process and later unloaded either in bulk (Bulk-Out) or in bags (Bag-Out). “Pioneer” has a cargo capacity of 20,000 tonnes and has been designed to load and transport refined sugar in bulk to Australian and overseas destinations and discharge it in bulk at 500 tonnes per hour or in bags at 3,000 tonnes per day. Read more about the BIBO process.


In Indonesia, both our refineries are licensed to import raw sugar and supply refined sugar to the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

PT Jawamanis Rafinasi (JMR) is Indonesia’s leading refiner of high quality white sugar. Known locally as “Double Refined Sugar”, its products are made from the highest quality raw sugar sourced from all over the world and the refining process adheres to the international standards of ISO 9001/2000 and ISO 22000/2005. The refinery is located at Ciwandan in Java’s Banten Province and is in close proximity to the ports of Ciwandan and Cigading, facilitating handling of bulk raw sugar into the premises. Easy access to the Jakarta highway ensures fast and efficient movement of finished product throughout Indonesia.

PT Duta Sugar International operates a sugar refinery in Cilegon, Indonesia.

New Zealand

Through a joint venture with Mackay Sugar, Wilmar holds a 75% stake in Chelsea Sugar which operates a sugar refinery on the banks of the Waitemata Harbour in Birkenhead, North Shore, Auckland. Since 1884, it has been supplying refined sugar to New Zealand’s food service industry and export to all over Asia Pacific. Part of the refined sugar is packed into a wide range of consumer products such as sugar for everyday use, baking, specialty sugar, syrup toppings and baking syrups.

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