At Wilmar, we are guided by a set of values that defines who we are and the way we work. With integrity and safety at the core of these values, we strive to minimise our environmental impact and ensure our people return home to their family and friends as healthy as when they start each day. Our approach to safety is guided by our Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Policy.

Putting safety first

We promote a responsible and safety-aware culture throughout our business. Our SHE practices abide by our legal obligations and our SHE management system is based on the highest Australian and international standards.

Doing things the right way

We believe the best results come from involving everyone who works with us in improving safety and setting standards. While our managers drive safety and environmental performance, our employees are expected to take personal responsibility for their actions. Our contractors are also required to play their part.

Until our journey to an injury- and illness-free workplace is achieved, we will provide our people who suffer a work or non-work related illness or injury with appropriate support and assistance to promote effective and durable rehabilitation. Our approach to Injury Management is guided by our Injury Management Policy.

The Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) Program is an Australian Government initiative encouraging large energy-using businesses to increase their energy efficiency by improving the identification, evaluation and implementation of cost-effective energy saving opportunities. Wilmar Australia Holdings was registered to participate in the EEO Program in 2012, and in 2013 published its first Public Report

Product Safety Data Sheets

SDS Cane Molasses
SDS Maple Flavoured Syrup
SDS White Sugars (Crystalline)
SDS Powdered Sugar
SDS Raw and Brown Sugars
SDS Stevia products Rebpure, Blendsure and Anysweet
SDS Liquid Sugar
SDS Equal
SDS Glucose Syrup
SDS Food Grade Refined Vegetable Oils
SDS Invert Syrup, Golden Syrup and Treacle
Wilmar BioEthanol Safety Data Sheets

Safety Policies

Wilmar Sugar SHE Policy
Wilmar Sugar Injury Management Policy

Australian Packaging Covenant

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