Wilmar believes that through innovation, constructive dialogue and close cooperation between key players and stakeholders of the industry, it is possible to transform the industry into a responsible contributor to the environmental and economic well-being of the countries in which we operate. Wilmar wants all companies they are linked to in the industry to engage in implementing the core provisions of this policy. In order to achieve this Wilmar has supported the following HCS workshops to assist potential HCS service providers in acquiring the knowledge to undertake HCS assessments:

Description of Meeting Date Venue
High Carbon Stock Assessment Sharing Workshop 11 November 2014 Jakarta, Indonesia
High Carbon Stock Assessment Sharing Workshop 14 August 2014 Jakarta, Indonesia

Following completion of the HCS sharing workshops, the below list of HCS service providers has been created to allow Wilmar suppliers to access the technical support necessary to implement the policy.

Service providers who have attended training in the HCS approach include:

  • AidEnvironment
  • Atamarie
  • Canopy Borneo Riapindo
  • CERIndonesia
  • Daemeter
  • Ecarbon
  • Forest Carbon
  • Ideas Consultant