The inclusion of smallholders in a sustainable supply chain represents a significant challenge for which Wilmar recognises it will need assistance. Wilmar will identify partner organisations and develop programmes aimed at facilitating the inclusion of smallholders into its sustainable supply chain.

SPOTS (Sustainable Palm Oil & Traceability with Sabah small producers)

In April 2014, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Wild Asia, a Malaysian social enterprise to help independent smallholders towards RSPO certification. This is a five-year programme to start up a series of smallholder certification schemes to help increase the volume of RSPO-certified sustainable products from independent producers to the market.

Another important partner on this smallholder certification programme is The Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH). IDH, based out of the Netherlands, is a public investor in supply chain sustainability programmes in critical commodity sectors, such as cocoa, coffee, timber, soy and now palm oil. They will help fund this project. If successful, IDH will support scaling up the scope of the project to enrol more independent smallholders into this sustainability programme.

More information about Wild Asia’s smallholder programme – Wild Asia Group Scheme (WAGS) can be found here

Improving Supply Chain Traceability Through Innovative Smallholder Fresh Fruit Bunch Traceability System

Together with GeoTraceability, Wild Asia and the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) , we collaborated on the development of a new smallholder traceability system that enables mills to map their smallholder supply base and trace smallholder fresh fruit bunch (FFB) deliveries from the mills to their farms.

More information about this innovative traceability system can be found here

We are exploring similar project opportunities in Indonesia.