Our shareholders include the Kuok Group and Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) (through Archer Daniels Midland Asia-Pacific Limited). We leverage on our shareholders for access to technical and R&D expertise, global market intelligence on edible oils, oilseeds, bioenergy and grains and to widen our market reach.

Kuok Group

The Kuok Group of companies started as Kuok Brothers Private Limited in 1949 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and its early businesses were in the trading of rice, sugar and wheat flour. From these beginnings, the Kuok Group has since grown to become one of Asia’s most diversified and dynamic multinational conglomerates. In addition to its stake in Wilmar, the business interests of the Kuok Group include:

  • Trading in sugar, fertilisers, chemicals, steel products and agricultural machinery

  • Shipping and logistics

  • Sugar refining, flour milling, feed milling and manufacturing of fertilisers and chemicals

  • Financial services including insurance and fund management

  • Real estate

  • Hotels and hospitality

  • Environmental engineering, waste management and utilities

  • Leisure and recreation

  • Media

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM)

ADM is one of the world’s largest agricultural processors of soya beans, corn, wheat and cocoa. It is also the leading manufacturer of bioenergy, namely ethanol and biodiesel. Founded in 1902 and incorporated in 1923, ADM is headquartered in Decatur, Illinois, and operates processing and manufacturing facilities across the United States and worldwide. It is a Fortune 100 company and is listed on the NYSE.