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Gives final confectionary product good snap, superb melting characteristics and strong flavour release. It possesses fast crystallisation rate and does not require tempering.


BESSCOTE series specialty fat for confectionary and bakery filling fat. It has a good flavor release and cool melting effects due to the excellent melting curve.


Specialty fats for coating and creaming applications. It provides a cost-performance optimisation option for you.


Contains a special fat blend that forms a solid matrix to minimise oil separation in spread products so that they remain soft and spreadable over a wide temperature range. 


Especially functional as oil blending agent that optimises the table margarine fat composition and chocolate spread to prevent oil separation


Wilmar offers a range of refined vegetable fats and oils for culinary applications which can be used in the manufacture of sauces, mayonnaise, salad dressings and seasonings.


Oil blend that suit speciality nutrient for infant diets. Formulate based on complete fatty acid profile for infant formula with essential macronutrient for growth and development. 


Milkopas has various nutritional advantages of this distinct O-P-O arrangement enables better absorption of calcium and palmitic acid.


Provides excellent melting profiles, outstanding heat resistance and snapping properties in final product.  It is a non-tempering confectionary fat which enhances production efficiency.

ULTRACHOCO 3100 (New!)

Providing chocolates with a new dash of functionality with a cost efficient, anti-bloom and fuss-free non-tempering CBS. Owing to the functionality of this unique fat blend, no STS is required, giving you an option to go additive-free.
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High functionality in bakery suitable for use as flavour carrier for spraying onto biscuits, crackers and pan release oil in bread production. Specially designed as a sponge cake oil for gas retention in cake batter.


Premium margarine made from a blend of freshly refined vegetable oils. It is designed to produce stable batters and soft crumb for your indulgence. Kosher and Halal certified versions are available to cater to our customers' needs.


Shea and illipe based vegetable oil sourced from sustainable sources and is nourishing and gentle to the skin.


Excellent compatibility with cocoa butter. It shares similar crystallisation and melting profile as cocoa butter and can be replaced in any ratio. 


An ideal solution for chocolatiers to enhance heat resistance and sharp melting characteristics. A cost optimisation solution by substitutes cocoa butter in your chocolate formulation to produce chocolates of best quality. 


Medium chain triglycerides consists of Caprylic and Capric Triglycerides which have shown to benefit human health. It acts as an energy boost, reduce food cravings and delay onset of metabolic syndromes.  


Specifically designed to impart excellent sensory and textural characteristics. 


WILFLAKE uses a wide range of raw materials such as palm oil, soybean oil and more. Its versatility allows it to be used in many food applications to prevent oil separation, i.e. in the making of chocolate pastes and non-food applications, such as to produce candles. 


Premium quality frying fat that possesses excellent oxidation stability for deep frying application, producing end products with on-point crispiness and light flavour.


Exclusively for enrobed confectionary product. It is versatile and can be used in various confectionery applications. 

WILKOTE 2200 (New!)

An excellent choice for compound coating, our product offers versatility, cost efficiency and provision of superb heat stability, with good meltdown and mouthfeel.
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Formulated to provide desired mouthfeel, taste and texture in ice cream application.


Can be used in combination with cocoa butter at up to 10-20% compatibility, providing superb melting profiles and excellent gloss in compound coating and mould. 


WILLARINE 880LT is the best choice for trans-free coating applications for optimal functionality and health consciousness. It is suitable for a wide range of non-tempering coating applications.
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WILMAX series offers an extensive range of applications, ranging from margarine base stock, bouillon or stock cube to emulsifiers. It is multipurpose and can cater for all uses to bring convenience to various applications.


This range of specialty fats provides an excellent platform for you to customise fat based on your own application requirements.


Provides excellent plasticity and can be folded without breaking. It is easy to work with both manually or with machines. Zero-trans, low-trans and non-hydrogenated versions are available.


Texturised shortenings made from fully refined vegetable oil and its derivatives. They are excellent for use in various bakery applications such as breads & buns, cakes and biscuits.


Specially designed spread fat to impart stable spread consistency. The excellent molecular stability ensures minimal oil separation in spread products.