Cocoa Butter Substitute (CBS) is lauric based fat.

Can be used in combination with cocoa butter at up to 10-20% compatibility, providing superb melting profiles and excellent gloss in compound coating and mould. 


Provides excellent melting profiles, outstanding heat resistance and snapping properties in final product.  It is a non-tempering confectionary fat which enhances production efficiency.


Gives final confectionary product good snap, superb melting characteristics and strong flavour release. It possesses fast crystallisation rate and does not require tempering.


Exclusively for enrobed confectionary product. It is versatile and can be used in various confectionery applications. 


Specialty fats for coating and creaming applications. It provides a cost-performance optimisation option for you.


Specifically designed to impart excellent sensory and textural characteristics. 


BESSCOTE series specialty fat for confectionary and bakery filling fat. It has a good flavor release and cool melting effects due to the excellent melting curve.


Specially designed spread fat to impart stable spread consistency. The excellent molecular stability ensures minimal oil separation in spread products. 


Contains a special fat blend that forms a solid matrix to minimise oil separation in spread products so that they remain soft and spreadable over a wide temperature range.