A successful business is usually characterised by its profitability as well as the value it brings to its stakeholders. While fulfilling these obligations, businesses are often caught in a trade-off between the desire for economic growth and the imperative to protect the environment and the interests of the population.

In the face of imminent global crises such as climate change, environmental degradation, depleting resources, widening rich-poor divide and so on, Wilmar recognises that sustainable development is the only way forward. 

Amidst the impoverished regions of the developing economies in which we operate, our presence has brought relief and stability to many who live on the poverty line.

In our farming practices, we adopt a responsible plantation management approach that is guided by relevant international sustainability standards such as the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and the United Nations Global Compact that enable us to safeguard the environment and respect the rights of the local communities without compromising yields or plantation profitability.

We also recognise we can do more to promote the sustainability cause with support from stakeholders, including engaging them through listening to and addressing their concerns into our business decisions and collaborating with them, where relevant.

In December 2013, Wilmar announced its integrated No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation Policy that aims to advance an environmentally and socially responsible palm oil industry. We are heartened by the support from a group of investors representing more than US$250 billion in assets. Read Green Century Funds’ statement.  

On other issues raised by stakeholders, we address them with due consideration and make available our responses as follows.

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