Research & Development


Wilmar’s research and development (R&D) activities support our business operations by improving manufacturing processes, ensuring the consistency and enhancing the quality of existing products as well as developing new innovative products.

Our R&D work is carried out by around 500 scientists and researchers, of which 80 hold doctorate qualifications. The R&D teams are based in various locations worldwide, including Singapore, China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

In line with the Group’s integrated and sustainable growth plan, our R&D teams engage in cross-border collaborations as well as with external organisations to share knowledge and resources to enhance our collective R&D effort. We were granted 79 patents in 2022 and a total of 371 patents to date.

R&D in China

R&D China

In China, our R&D facilities in Shanghai and Qinhuangdao focus on developing new technologies and products in areas including cooking oils, specialty fats, proteins, condiments, functional foods, cereals as well as feedstuff.

R&D in Singapore

R&D Singapore


In Singapore, Wilmar and the National University of Singapore (NUS) have established a new joint research laboratory to conduct cutting-edge clinical nutrition and synthetic biology research to create healthier food products as well as to devise green production technologies for industrial enzymes and biochemicals.

Officially launched in June 2018, the WIL@NUS Corporate Laboratory will leverage the capabilities of Wilmar and NUS to:

  • understand the impact of different food ingredients and foods on human health with focus on pregnant mothers, infants and the elderly;
  • address major public health issues through identifying food ingredients and food components capable of modulating glycemic index, lowering triglycerides and cholesterol;
  • develop cost-effective and sustainable bio-based methods to produce industrial enzymes and biochemicals; and
  • integrate Photonics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop fast methods for detection of food toxins, improving quality control and ensuring food safety.

For food R&D, Wilmar is collaborating with world-class clinical research facilities and medical experts at the NUS Medical School who are advancing our understanding of the role of food in the prevention of metabolic disorders such as Type II diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular conditions.


R&D in Indonesia


Our R&D Laboratory in Indonesia focuses on biotechnology research to enhance our competitiveness and sustainability in the oil palm industry.