Our edible oils are derived from refining crude palm oil, which are obtained from both our own plantations and third-party suppliers, as well as a wide range of oilseeds including soybean, rapeseed, groundnut, sunflower seed, sesame seed and cotton seed.

From refining crude palm oil, we produce Refined, Bleached and Deodorised (RBD) palm oil which can be further processed into RBD palm olein and RBD palm stearin. RBD palm olein has a lower proportion of saturated oil than RBD palm stearin and is primarily used as cooking oils and in industrial frying of processed foods. 

Our integrated refining and processing plants are strategically located close to its sources of raw materials. To ensure a lower cost structure and quicker delivery, these refining and processing plants are usually located near deep draft ports that are logistically advantageous for transportation.


Palm and Laurics Process


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We are one of the largest wheat and rice millers in China and own flour mills through joint ventures in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and Thailand.



Rice Milling Process


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Flour Milling Process


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From refining crude palm oil, we produce Refined, Bleached and Deodorised (RBD) palm oil which can be further processed into RBD palm olein and RBD palm stearin. RBD palm stearin is mainly used in the manufacturing of specialty fats and oleochemicals. Palm kernel oil and coconut oil, also known as lauric oils, have a high proportion of lauric acid and are primarily used for the production of specialty fats and oleochemicals.

Our specialty fats products include cocoa butter equivalents (CBE), cocoa butter replacers (CBR), cocoa butter substitutes (CBS), specially formulated filling fats, creaming fats, ice-cream fats, milk fat replacers, shortenings, margarines, frying fats and many tailor-made fats to suit customers’ requirements. These are widely used in chocolate coating fats, chocolates, sugar confectionery, bread, pastry, cakes, cream filling (for candy, wafers, biscuits) and coffee whitener.

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The refining of sugar produces food-grade products such as white sugar, brown sugar, caster sugar and syrups. The sugar refining process involves the removal of impurities and colour from raw sugar and the further refinement of sugar crystals. We supply a broad range of high-quality industrial and consumer products which are distributed in both bulk and packaged forms.

We are one of the largest sugar refiners globally with operations in Australia, India, Indonesia, Morocco and New Zealand.

Through a joint venture with Mackay Sugar, Wilmar holds a 75 per cent stake in Sugar Australia, which operates two refineries – one at Yarraville in Melbourne, Victoria, and another at the Racecourse Mill in Mackay, Queensland. The business has depots and/or port facilities in Mackay, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Sugar Australia is the leading supplier of quality refined sugar products in Australia in the domestic market and the largest exporter of Australian refined sugar. It services both the industrial and consumer sugar segments and markets the CSR Sugar brand.

Sugar Australia operates a specialised food-grade bulk refined sugar vessel, MV “Pioneer”, which is one of only three in the world. With a cargo capacity of 20,000 tonnes, the “Pioneer” is designed to load and transport refined sugar in bulk into the international market.

Through our 62% shareholding in Shree Renuka Sugars (SRSL), Wilmar operates two strategically-located refineries in India - one at the port of Kandla on the West Coast and the other at the port of Haldia on the East Coast. Both refineries serve the domestic and international markets. In addition, SRSL is able to produce refined white sugar at its Munoli and Athani mills in Karnataka.

SRSL is the leading supplier of high quality refined sugar in India to both industrial and consumer markets. Its consumer brand, Madhur, is the national leading sugar brand.

Both of Wilmar’s Indonesian refineries are licensed to import raw sugar and supply refined sugar to the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

PT Jawamanis Rafinasi (JMR) is Indonesia’s leading refiner of high-quality white sugar. The company’s products are made from the highest quality raw sugar sourced from all over the world and the refining process adheres to the international standards of ISO 9001/2000 and ISO 22000/2005.

The refinery is located at Ciwandan in Java’s Banten province and is in close proximity to the ports of Ciwandan and Cigading, facilitating handling of bulk raw sugar into the premises. Good access to the Jakarta highway ensures fast and efficient movement of finished product throughout Indonesia.

The other refinery, PT Duta Sugar International, is located at Cilegon, also in Banten province.

Through our 30% stake in Cosumar, Wilmar operates the second largest refinery on the African continent. Located in Casablanca, the refinery is well-positioned to fulfil both local and international demand for refined sugar.

Using the production from the Casablanca refinery and its local sugar mills, Cosumar is the sole supplier of sugar in Morocco, supplying all segments of the domestic market. Its Jaguar brand of sugar is the market leader in Morocco and the region, and its distinctive sugar loaves are an enduring symbol of Moroccan tradition and way of life.

Through a joint venture with Mackay Sugar, Wilmar holds a 75 per cent stake in Chelsea Sugar which operates a sugar refinery on the banks of the Waitemata Harbour in Auckland.

Chelsea Sugar has been established since 1884. It supplies refined sugar to New Zealand’s food service industry and exports products throughout the Asia Pacific.

Some of the refined sugar is packed into a wide range of consumer products such as sugar for everyday use, baking, specialty sugar, syrup toppings and baking syrups.

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Our wide range of soy protein products cater to the food processing, beverage, health and nutrition, plant-based protein and animal feed industries. We use only non-GMO soybeans and our manufacturing facilities are IP, ISO9001, ISO14000, FSSC22000, Kosher, BRC, AIB and Halal-certified. We work with our customers to develop and customise taste, texture, protein level, colour and functionality that allow them to bring their products to the market quickly.

SPI-v1Our WILPRO SPI series are manufactured from non-GMO soybeans and contain a minimum level of 90% protein level.

WILPRO G series have high gel elasticity, emulsification and water retention ability. With its ideal colour tone and flavour, they are suitable to be used in sausages and meat products.

WILPRO I series have high gel elasticity and water retention ability. They are easily dispersible in liquid and can be used in meat and fish products.

WILPRO D series are highly soluble and readily dispersible, dust-free, have a low viscosity and are stable in solution. They are specially designed for use in nutritional beverages and bars.

SPC-v1Our WILCON SPC series have a minimum level of 68% protein content. They contain no cholesterol and are easily digestible with high fibre and low fat content.

Our functional SPC is developed to provide functionality in systems where water binding and emulsification properties are required. It is produced either via acid or alcoholic washing and can be used in processed meat products, especially that of emulsified meats.

Our non-functional SPC has a high protein content and excellent protein digestibility. It is specially designed as protein enhancer in food products.

TVP-v1Our TVP range includes texturised soy protein (WILTEX), texturised soy protein concentrate (WILCON T), texturised fibrous soy protein (WILFIB) and texturised soy crisp (WILNUG).

WILTEX and WILCON T texturised soy protein have high protein, low fat content, excellent fibrous structure and are easily digestible. Both have a meat-like texture that promotes moisture and fat retention. These are mainly used in meat processing, frozen foods and etc. 

WILFIB texturised fibrous soy protein is chewy and contains high protein and low fat content. It is widely used in meat products, fillings, dumplings and etc.

WILNUG texturised soy crisp has a crispiness mouth feel and contains high protein levels. It is commonly used in nutritional bars, confectionery items and etc.

HPV-v1We produce a series of HVP that are nutritional, flavourful and have low 3-MCPD levels. We are able to customise different level of nitrogen and colour variants according to the needs of our customers such as products that contain no MSG or I+G (disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate).

Our HVP comes in both liquid (VL series) and powdered (VP series) forms. We have two types of HVP powder, chicken and beef. These products are suitable for snacks, stock cubes, instant noodles seasoning, canned, processed meats and etc.


Processed from non-GMO soybeans, soy lecithin is an excellent natural surfactant that acts as an emulsifier, wetting and dispersing, and release agent.

Soy lecithin is rich in glycerophospholipids. It is available in both powdered and liquid forms. It can be applied in confectionery, bakery, chocolate and etc.


Our soymilk powder is made from non-GMO soybeans and does not contain any additives or preservatives. As it is free from lactose and cholesterol, hence it is an ideal alternative for consumers who are lactose intolerant.

This product can be used in beverages, yoghurt, dessert, milk substitute products and etc.


Our soy sauce powder is a fine brown seasoning that is made from high quality fermented soy sauce through a spray drying process.

It is suitable for snacks, meat products, seasonings, pickled products and etc.

DefattedSoyFlour-v1Using non-GMO soybeans, our toasted and untoasted soy flour is of a high industry standard that contains a minimum protein level of 50%.

Toasted soy flour is fully treated with heat and is used to supplement the protein and amino acid levels in food products. It can be applied in confectioneries, cereals, beverages, meat products and etc.

Untoasted soy flour is moderately treated with heat. It can absorb oil and water easily. It is suitable for bakery products, candies, meat products and etc.

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We use high quality non-GMO corn as raw material to produce a variety of corn-based products that can be used in different industries. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO9001, ISO22000, FSSC22000, Kosher and Halal-certified. We work closely with our customers to better understand their needs so as to recommend the most suitable product to meet their requirements.

Cornstarch-v1Made from non-GMO corn, our corn starch is a pure white powder starch.

Corn starch is versatile and can be used in sugar refining, paper and textile manufacturing, fermentation, food and beer products and etc.

DMH-v1DMH is a white crystal powder that has a sweet taste and is highly soluble in water, 70% as sweet as sucrose and has a lower freezing point than cane sugar.

It is widely used as a food ingredient to achieve better taste and quality at a lower cost. It can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry and is an ideal carbohydrate source for yeast fermentation in the baking and brewing industries. It can also be used in meat products, desserts and etc.


Glucose syrup is processed corn syrup, which is widely used in the food and beverage industry as a sweetener and ingredient. Its properties are mild sweetness, low moisture absorption, high moisture retention, anti-crystallisation, good stability and mild thickness.

As a sweetener, it can be used in confectioneries, beer, beverages, dairy and etc.

HFCSHFCS is a sweetener manufactured from corn starch and is often compared to sucrose. HFCS is an ideal alternative to sugar as it helps to lower the production costs without affecting the quality of products.

Our F55 HFCS is widely used in the production of bakery, beverages, soft drinks and etc.

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