Wilmar recognises the importance of being able to trace supply flows from ports and refineries back to oil palm mills and over time to plantations. This is an integral part of providing greater transparency in the supply chain, including supplier locations and knowledge of practices being used on the ground. Wilmar has identified all the mills supplying each of its refineries in Indonesia and Malaysia. There are over 850 mills in total supplying Wilmar refineries in these countries alone, with each refinery typically having 50-100 mills in its supply network, providing crude palm oil (CPO) and/or palm kernels (PK); not all mills supply products every period. 

As at end 2023, Wilmar operates 14 refineries with integrated crushing facility, seven refineries, one standalone kernel crushing facility and three bulking facilities in Malaysia and Indonesia. For full list with details, please see here.

Responsible sourcing and supply chain transformation has always been a strategic priority for Wilmar. In order to meet our sustainability commitments, we must ensure that our supply chain works towards the same sustainability standards that we uphold. We are committed to creating a traceable and transparent supply chain. At the same time, we are promoting supply chain inclusiveness by monitoring and engaging with suppliers through capacity building to empower them to meet our standards. Link to our Responsible Sourcing Practice can be found here.

Our timebound action plan for year 2023 - 2024 can be found here and our NDPE Implementation Reporting Framework Action Plan (2023-2024) can be found here.

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